Workshops 2016

Andrew and Anée have put their heads together to make the weekend really special, so without further ado, here are the delights you will experience during CHB this year:


Class 1: A&A, Flavours of Blues (Fundamentals)
Class 2: Outside, Tune-Up Your Dancing with Andrew // Inside, It’s the Way That You Do It with Anée
Class 3: Inside, Tune-Up Your Dancing with Andrew // Outside, It’s the Way That You Do It with Anée
Class 4: A&A, Conversational Dancing

Class 1: Outside, Body Alignments and Turning with Andrew // Inside, Blues with a Swagger with Anée
Class 2: Inside, Badass Moves with Ease with Andrew // Outside, Slow Chicago Blues Groovin’ with Anée
Class 3: Outside, Fresh Beats with Andrew // Inside, Dance Your Heart Out with Anée
Class 4: A&A, Super Glue Your Community

Class Descriptions

Flavours of Blues (Fundamentals)
Blues is a rich and varied musical feast and in this session we’ll explore all the flavours it has to offer. We’ll sample several styles of blues and get down to their very essence. The music will serve as a starting point to delve deep into the fundamentals of Blues movement that will make your dancing feel great and make those flavours really pop. Mm! That’s tasty!

Tune-Up Your Dancing
Every dancer needs a tune-up now and then. Let’s explore how to keep that wonderful machine we call our body running smoothly for years to come. We will dive into mechanics that allow us to dance with less effort and impact.

It’s the Way That You Do It
Pop quiz… What’s more important in blues than the moves you do? Well, you guessed it! It’s time to really get down to the nitty gritty of blues: high quality movement. You’ll emerge armed with ideas on how to master your own core movement, with balance and groundedness to die for and with so much flow it’ll make the Mississippi jealous.

Conversational Dancing
Blues allows for a lot of self-expression, but how do we express ourselves without derailing our partner? Even more, how can we make that expression part of a conversation? Here we will discover how to create a dialogue within the lead-follow paradigm that allows both partners to contribute equally. We will explore tricksy questions such as, “Can a follow create movement without becoming the lead?” Come join us for some dynamic back-and-forth with your partner to inspire movement and play.

Body Alignments and Turning
Turns can be tricky, but we’ll demystify them here. Learn a framework of how to think about body alignments, apply them to turns, and do a ton of interesting combinations. Let’s get dizzy!

Blues with a Swagger
Get your hips movin’ and your feet groovin’ with this gritty blues routine that we’ll continuously spice up until it’s just relaxed improvisation. Whether the blues bug bit you years ago or whether you just stumbled into your first lesson last week, this class will provide ample opportunity for you to work on what’s most essential for your blues dancing: knowing how to move your own body to the music with style.

Badass Moves With Ease
This class builds on an existing foundation of body alignments to throw down some swanky combinations on the dance floor. With each move we will gain valuable insights into dance mechanics, focusing on how to execute the moves effortlessly. Prerequisite is the “Body Alignments and Turning” class or prior experience.

Slow Chicago Blues Groovin’
Can you dance reaaaal slow? Stepping in rhythm alone just won’t do the trick when singer and guitarist are having a slow off. Fill the space in the music by adding layers of upper body movement and extra hip action and learn how to express the dynamic structure of a song.

Fresh Beats 
You can pat your head and rub your tummy, right? How about single pulse with a double step? This class takes multitasking to a whole new level! We’ll develop some musicality loooove by covering pulse, polyrhythms, and many rhythmic patterns common to Blues. We’ll set you up for a long obsession with the textures of rhythms and pulse that makes Blues dancing great!

Dance Your Heart Out!
The often neglected approach to blues dancing – How do we put our soul, our heart and our emotions into our dancing, how do we go from “doing the steps” to “being moved from within”? In this class, we’ll work on incorporating universal and personal human expression into our dancing through practical, hands-on exercise sessions. Allow others to sneak a peek of yourself all while improving flow, rhythmical timing and quality of movement.

Super Glue Your Community
No one is an island. Learn how to happily co-exist as a dance community! Join us for fun games, inspiring exercises, and meaningful concepts that will strengthen the bonds of your community and fill you with lots of warm fuzzies and butterflies. (No puppies required.)