About the Event


Joel and our sophisticated signage. (Photo by Connie Chen)

Cider House Blues is a fun and friendly Blues Dance event that we decided to throw on Joel’s parents’ beautiful apple farm. They were game. So we did it again. They were still game. So we’re doing it for a third year! 

Come along and join us for two days of workshops, two nights of dancing, and plenty of lounging in the paddock! 

Our first year we were lucky enough to have the amazing Justin Riley teach our workshops. We learned to move our bodies to delicious bluesy tunes. We danced under the stars. We hung out, drank and ate, and had a few awesome ukelele mashups.

Last time we were treated to the creative, inspiring dance (and acrobatic!) talent of  Mark Carpenter and Kelly Howard, we added a dome to that outdoor dance space, and found ourselves back in time at the Juke Joint in the woods. We also hung out on the back porch and ate lots of Nutella.

Dancing in the dome (Photo by Megan Mundy)

This time: not only do we have incredible, inspiring teachers from two different continents who will put you in your Blues Happy Place for many months to come, we’re bringing the Juke Joint back, as well as a NEW secret set. The boys have big plans for the outdoor dance space, and there will be many surprises hiding out in the paddock. And we’re buying lots more Nutella this time. Because, seriously, you guys have a problem.

Also this year: Two days of lessons. Two nights of dancing.  Help Nancy and Joel collect eggs from the chooks in the morning!  Food and lovely coffees on the deck. And of course, the farm-made cider and mead will be back for another tipsy go-around.

The Juke Joint is back! (Photo by Connie Chen)

 So mark your diary.
Get your camping gear in order.
Because this summer is going to be amazing.